“What does being conscious mean exactly? Having that conscious awareness, what what does it mean to you? How can you describe that? How do you define it? I think it’s people who are seekers, people who are looking for something more. Because oftentimes people get caught into this like this time restriction. But really, what I mean, I’ve heard and I’m sure you’ve probably shared this with me that time really doesn’t exist. Right. So, you know, it’s like you were just open and you were listening and you were following your gut and you were being guided, as you always have listened to that inner inner voice. It’s not like there wasn’t a fear or there wasn’t like things that went wrong. But like, every time there is something that goes wrong, it just almost like gives me more power because then I’m like, well, that went wrong. And it was like the worst thing that could possibly happen. And I’m still OK and everything’s still bad. And it’s like life goes on, you know what I’m saying? You can always start again.”

In this episode of Master Your Mindset and Metabolism I share a great conversation with my dear friend Sara Hoffman.

Sara is a Functional Nutrition Counselor who specializes in helping people easily transition into eating Vegan and living a high vibe life!

During this episode we talk about several topics including:

*Living a conscious life and feeling the pull toward what your body needs nutritionally. 

*Surrendering to your calling. Looking, listening, and following the signs that will guide you there.

*Realizing how the people you surround yourself by affect your journey, and when those relationships have served you and when/if it is time to move on from them.

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