About Kelly Dunlap

I’m Kelly.

I am a Functional Nutrition & Hormonal Fat Loss Expert. I have helped hundreds of women reboot their metabolism.

There was a time when I LOVED being a Weekend Warrior…

Which meant I spent all week talking myself out of sticking to my health plan:

“If I go out this weekend, am I going to RUIN my diet?”

“I mean, is it really worth it? I guess I’m not seeing the results anyway.”

“Maybe I should I just go all out and start over on Monday?”

Yes, I would be ON & OFF the wagon.

Every. Single. Weekend.

I’d find camaraderie amongst other girlfriends & declare, “YES! Let’s start over TOGETHER on Monday!”

Because after all we both felt relief knowing we weren’t alone and it made our “guilt” about falling off the wagon from our poor choices subside a bit.

It was the whole “You too?” – “Me too!” thing.

So then we were back ON the wagon that following Monday.


I would declare craziness like this:

“I’m going to wake up at 5 am, run 3 miles, prep my meals, and only eat 800 calories.”

BUT — How long would that plan last? 2 days – tops?

Then the internal dialogue would begin again…

And I’d party the weekend away…

And start over again…
And again….
And again…
(Sound familiar?)

It wasn’t until one morning in 2016 when I woke up at 12pm, looked in the mirror, and saw the destruction…

Puffy eyes, an achy body, and having the thirst of an army crossing the Sahara Desert.

My body was forcing me to sleep in to nurse my day-long hangover.

Now mind you I had repeated this process over and over for years, and why I saw things differently on this day is beyond me, but I sure am grateful.

I thought, “Wow. I look like I got hit in the face with a bag of nickels. This is not who you were meant to be.” I took a picture and I often share this image on my social media.

It was the foreshadowing of a mug shot — if I didn’t change now.

I thought if I could just cut back on drinking, it would make me feel better, look better, and I would stop medicating my hangover with food. I also thought that would help me lose some of the extra weight — BUT to my confusion, the weight didn’t come off….

This change sparked the question, “Why?”…
That is when the mind/body healing connection began. I was on a mission… “How can I heal myself internally through food?”

It was then that I started to explore the connection between gut health, the brain, and my long-time thyroid condition — a year later becoming a certified Hormonal Fat Loss Coach, in addition to many more certifications to follow.

This inspired me to build a community for women over 40+ who wanted to get to the root cause of their issues, and reboot their metabolism.


I let go of the all or nothing mindset and the belief, “I NEED TO EAT LESS + WORKOUT MORE TO LOSE WEIGHT.”

Hence burning my “wagon” that I had fallen on and off of for years.

I was able to feel more energized than I had in years, and also became PREGNANT… mind you this all happened in my 40’s!

Without quick-fix juice cleanses, crash diets, tea detoxes…

Without spending two hours a day on the elliptical without progress…

Without stressing out about every point, calorie, or crumb that entered my mouth or reducing my calories to nothing…

I learned how to Reboot My Metabolism.

It was amazing watching my skin age in reverse, waking up with excitement (skipping the “5 more minutes please!” snooze button hits) and having ALL my friends asking, “What have you been doing?
Give me your secrets!”

So then I decided to take a leap of faith, follow my passion, and developed my coaching career so I could help others…and the rest is history!